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The Counter Series

COUNTERPLAY – the first book in the series introduces main character Jenna Reed, a young teacher who unwillingly becomes entangled in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game between a relentless, modern-day pirate and a ruthless FBI agent driven to bring him to justice.  Jenna finds five miniature solid-gold figurines in the basement of her family’s beach house in Cape May, New Jersey.  Soon she is engulfed in mystery and deceit as she fights for her life and the people she loves.
COUNTERACT – the second book in the series focuses the action on FBI Agent Maria Turette who has been kidnapped.  Jenna has narrowly escaped from Jamaica with a new edgy look and revved up attitude.  She travels to Texas with Maria’s husband, Damian Pierce, to aide in Maria’s release.  The kidnapper’s demand – Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure – the same gold animal figurines that Jenna recently discovered.
COUNTERATTACK – the third book in the series finds Jenna terrified at the mysterious disappearance of her brother and best friend.  The curse of Blackbeard’s treasure is rearing its ugly head again.  Loyalties are put to the test, making Jenna wonder if everyone around her has a dubious, hidden agenda.
COUNTERPOINT – the fourth book in the series begins with the harrowing aftermath of the explosion at the Cape May Marina.  Jenna struggles to deal with guilt and shame, rendering her vulnerable to the next deadly phase of her nemesis’ twisted plot to gain possession of the last two treasure pieces.  Jenna must decide to trust the one person who may lead her into the most frightening adventure of her life.
COUNTERBALANCE – the fifth book in the series pits Jenna against Mason Hamilton one last time in the chilling series finale.  As her friends and family try to fend off attacks from every angle, Jenna believes she is the only one who can meet Hamilton’s endgame head-on, no matter what the cost.  But she’s not the only one; someone else has been waiting in the shadows to enact a bittersweet revenge.  Someone who bears the true marks of vengeance and has nothing left to lose.